MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Destroys The Trump Campaign’s Fake Minority Outreach Effort

In an interview with Trump campaign co-chair Sam Clovis on Tuesday, MSNBC host Chuck Todd dismantled the Republican nominee’s phony outreach to minority voters.

In the exchange, Todd criticized Trump for portraying African-American neighborhoods as “war zones” and having almost exclusively white crowds at his campaign events. The MSNBC host also ran through the list of minority organizations that Trump has declined to meet with over the course of the campaign.

Clovis claimed that the reason is that African-American organizations are “in the pocket of the left,” while Trump is appealing to “real people” at the grassroots level.

The ‘Meet the Press’ host also questioned whether Trump’s recent talk about minority voters is really an attempt to win their votes or if he’s just trying to win back white Republican voters who have been turned off by the GOP nominee’s inflammatory rhetoric.

“Welcome to week one under new management,” Todd said of the latest controversy.


“If [Trump is] going to make an appeal to African-American voters, shouldn’t there be at least a good chunk of African-American voters in an audience at one of his rallies?” Todd asked.

“Have you ever been to a rally?” Clovis shot back.

“Yes, I have, sir,” Todd responded. “It’s not the most diverse crowd, for what it’s worth.”

Twitter quickly sounded off on the heated exchange:

It’s becoming obvious that Trump’s recent habit of pretending to care about minorities – after months of denigrating the very same people – is just a desperate attempt to persuade disaffected white Republican voters.

“Come back, I swear I’m not a racist,” is essentially the new Trump argument, and it seems to be failing miserably.

According to the latest polling, Trump’s support among African-American voters barely even registers. In the important swing-state of Ohio, for example, a recent survey shows Trump winning just three percent of black voters.

Trump and his campaign may think they can pull a fast one on minority voters, but they don’t seem to be buying it.