Trump Has Pocketed Nearly 8 Million Dollars Of Donor Money While Running For President

Trump is living large on other people’s money, as Donald Trump is taking millions of dollars that are supposed to be used to build his presidential campaign and instead giving it to his own companies.

The Washington Post reported:

Trump has made frequent use of his properties in his presidential bid. In July, the campaign doled out $773,000 to reimburse various Trump-owned companies for expenses. The bulk of that went to TAG Air, the company that owns Trump’s private planes.

In all, nearly $7.7 million has been paid out to Trump companies or Trump family members to cover campaign expenditures, filings show.

The Washington Post report is in line with a Huffington Post story that found that Trump has tripled the rent on his campaign offices in Trump now that donors to his campaign are footing the bill.

Presidential campaigns for profit have become a cottage industry in the Republican Party. Newt Gingrich, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain are just a few of the names who ran for president to boost their finances. The difference between the recent Republican presidential candidates for personal profit and Donald Trump is that none of the abovementioned won the party’s nomination.

Trump is a master of money funneling and debt manipulator. One of the most frequent questions asked about the Trump campaign is that if they aren’t spending money on television ads, staffing, get out the vote operations, and other essentials needed for a successful presidential campaign, where is the money going?

The answer is that a healthy sum of it is going into Trump’s own companies. The Trump campaign still hasn’t released proof that Trump converted the $52 million that he loaned his campaign to donations, so it is likely that donors won’t know the true extent of Trump’s potential grifting until after the presidential election ends.

Republicans who give their money to Donald Trump in good faith may be getting ripped off, as millions of dollars are finding their way into the Republican nominee’s pocket.