Alex Jones and Roger Stone Speculate About the State of Huma Abedin’s Genitals


In some way it is relevant to conservative talking heads that women don’t have the same genital arrangement as men, and it is a source of endless fascination to them. They want to micromanage women’s genitals, to control them, to talk about them as though they are somehow relevant to a woman’s career choice and deeds in life.

And so we find Alex Jones and Roger Stone, two low-brow Trump thugs, debating whether or not frequent conservative target Huma Abedin, whom The National Review just yesterday characterized as “an influence peddler to Clinton Foundation donors” – you know, the foundation which helps millions of people – has had her genitals mutilated.

At least The National Review had the courtesy to not obsess over the condition of Abedin’s genitals. They just obsess over debunked claims of Abedin’s alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.


The whisper here, the subtext, is that “she’s not one of us.” You know, because she’s…Muslim.

Here are two adult white males acting like little boys digging through their sister’s underwear drawer:

ROGER STONE: I think she’s a Saudi asset. The media keeps saying her mother’s a prominent feminist. No. Her mother’s a prominent advocate for genital mutilation. She has written extensively about genital mutilation.
ALEX JONES: Did Huma have her genitals cut off?
STONE: That I cannot tell you. But what I can tell you is —
JONES: I mean it’s fair, I don’t mean that to be crass!

Of course you meant to be crass. You could not be anything else. There is nothing Trump-related that is not crass. Ann Coulter defended this behavior, after all, in her new book on Trump, arguing that “Being crude is an indispensable requirement,” apparently because it makes you resistant to facts.

And a Saudi “asset”? What’s that? Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and is of Indian and Pakistani descent. Apparently, all Muslims look alike to these yokels, who, like Coulter, seem to think if you can’t trace your descent to a Revolutionary War hero you can’t really be an American.

This targeting of the other, in whatever form – women, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims to name a few – is at the heart of the Trump movement, bringing front and center a longtime conservative distrust of anything not white Christian male.

As their vulgar speculation reveals, actual facts have nothing to do with their not-so-subtle talking points. They do, however, make clearer the distinction between the high-minded ideals of Hillary Clinton and the low-brow, minimized brain-capacity churnings of the Trump clique.