The Media Turns A Blind Eye As Donald Trump Can’t Stop Insulting Black People

The press keeps treating Donald Trump like he is a normal presidential candidate while ignoring another day of the Republican nominee insulting black people.


Trump said:


Trump is once again assuming that all African-Americans are poor, living in the inner city, and have children who are at risk of being shot. The Republican nominee continues to insult African-Americans. Trump’s comments about African-American life in the United States have been called offensive and insulting.

The media should be calling Trump out for this behavior, but instead, the overwhelmingly white mainstream media has contented themselves with a debate about whether Trump is really reaching out to black people or if he is trying to soften his image with white suburban voters. If the press would take the time to listen to the words that Trump is saying, they might realize that what the Republican nominee is suggesting is deeply insulting and racist.

If Trump were making these same remarks about a gay person, the media would be outraged, but the Republican can insult African-Americans on a daily basis without most of the press batting an eye.

Pollsters always ask respondents if they believe the presidential candidates care about people like them. A close examination of Trump’s words reveals that not only does the Republican nominee not care about black people, but his ideas about the lives of people of color in the United States are based on old racial stereotypes.

Trump not only doesn’t care. He is on an entirely different planet.

Donald Trump can’t stop insulting black people, and our press doesn’t care enough to make him pay for his racism.