Rachel Maddow Just Wrecked Trump By Filleting His Campaign Manager With Smart Questions

Rachel Maddow’s interview with Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was a disaster for Trump as Maddow pushed for details on policy and Conway’s performance proved that Trump’s latest campaign reboot is a fraud.

Maddow asked Conway if Trump has ever apologized to Judge Curiel. Conway’s answer was, “I don’t know.” Conway retreated to Trump’s use of the vague word regret. Maddow followed up and said, “but there has been no apology.” Maddow turned to the Trump’s remarks about the Khan family and asked if Trump has apologized to the Khan family directly. Conway answered, “I don’t know.” Trump’s campaign manager talked about her own personal feeling about the Khan family.

Rachel Maddow highlighted the fact that Trump’s behavior like getting into a fight with a Gold Star family is shockingly personal. Maddow asked about Trump’s Muslim ban, and Conway did more dancing. Maddow got Conway to admit that the Trump campaign no longer supports banning all Muslims. The MFSNBC host did something rare that isn’t often seen in mainstream interviews. She pressed for details.

Maddow said that if Trump wanted the controversies to end, he is the one that has to end them by telling the American people exactly what he means. Rachel Maddow told Trump’s campaign manager that the candidate created these controversies, and he has to clean them up. Maddow broke up the false equivalency pushed by the Trump campaign that Clinton not holding press conferences is the same as Trump planning to ban Muslims.

The Trump campaign’s latest reboot just ran into a buzzsaw named Rachel Maddow.

The MSNBC host pointed out that Trump’s extreme vetting of immigrants was rejected by the Supreme Court in the past. Kellyanne Conway said that Trump is talking about four issues a week, and Maddow replied, but Trump’s positions have to make sense.

Maddow called out Trump for wasting donors’ money in Mississippi. She asked why was he there? Conway answered, “He wanted to hold a rally in Mississippi.”

Rachel Maddow asked Conway if the Clinton Foundation is so bad, why did Trump donate to it? Conway responded by admitting that the Clinton Foundation does some good work. The subject turned to Trump not releasing his tax returns and asked why should this audit out only apply to him? Conway said that voters don’t need to see his tax returns.

Maddow used Trump’s attack on Hillary Clinton’s health to ask if Trump should release a full health record. Conway’s answer, “Perhaps.” Trump’s campaign manager highlighted how vigorous Trump is “for a man his age.”

Rachel Maddow led Conway into torching the entire Trump reboot by simply asking intelligent questions. It wasn’t pretty, and Rachel Maddow just doomed Trump’s reboot to total failure.