Republican Racists Set To Freak Out As Trump Reverses His Immigration Position

Donald Trump has gone from being Mr. Build The Wall to Mr. We Can’t Throw Out People Who Have Been In The Country for 15 or 20 Years according to an excerpt of part two of his town hall with Sean Hannity.

Trump will tell Hannity in part two of their pretaped town hall on immigration:


Trump has gone from building the wall and throwing all of the immigrants out to a position of we’ll let the immigrants who have been here for a long time stay as long as they pay taxes and don’t become citizens.

It is almost like Donald Trump is ever so slightly beginning to understand that immigration policy requires more than building a wall. Of course, Trump’s immigration policy can and probably will change at least five more times before Election Day, but Trump’s reversal is a good reminder that the Republicans, racists, and white nationalists who viewed Trump as their savior have thrown their hopes behind a selfish, empty, hollow individual.

The backbone of Trump’s support has been his successful ability to tap into that segment of the racist Republican Party that hates immigrants. Trump has adopted the moderate Republican plan that his supporters call amnesty, and the far right is about to freak completely out.