Donald Trump’s Own Campaign Didn’t Know That He Wasn’t On The Ballot In Minnesota

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is so inept that it didn’t even know that the Minnesota Republican Party hadn’t filed the proper paperwork to get him on the state’s ballot in November.

National Review reported on the state party missing the deadline to get Trump’s name on the ballot:

“Total confusion among #MNGOP officials on process for Trump being on MN ballot — absolutely possible they could’ve missed deadline,” Brodkorb wrote on Twitter Wednesday evening. A spokesman for the Minnesota Republican party did not respond to an immediate request for comment.

It’s somewhat astonishing that the Trump campaign was not aware that the candidate’s name was not yet on the ballot, and Brodkorb notes that a Trump aide reached out to the Minnesota GOP in the midst of all this and said, essentially, “Fix it!”

What happened in Minnesota is exactly why a presidential campaign needs a full staff of people. The reason why the Trump campaign didn’t know that the state party screwed up was that they have no real organization in the state.

A real presidential campaign has staff in every state to make sure that these kinds of mistakes don’t happen. Trump’s refusal to spend money on a proper campaign organization has come back to bite him in the backside again.

How a presidential candidate manages their campaign is a window into how they would manage the country. Donald Trump is showing voters that he is incapable of putting together an organization that can oversee the most basic tasks. If he can’t even get his name on the ballot in Minnesota, Donald Trump can’t be trusted to run the country.


Trump is on the ballot now, but could be facing a legal challenge to his ballot status due to the process the state GOP used to get him on the ballot: