Trump Praises Advisor Who Wants To Have Hillary Clinton Shot For Treason

Donald Trump is openly praising an advisor to his campaign who wants to have Hillary Clinton shot for treason.

During an interview with NH1, after his rally in New Hampshire, Trump stood by his advisor who wants to have Hillary Clinton taken before a firing squad and shot for treason.

Transcript (Video here):


Donald Trump just can’t stop endorsing hate. Calling an advisor who wants your opponent dragged before a firing squad and shot a good man on the same day that your opponent gave a speech outlining your bigotry and hate is the political equivalent stepping on the yard rake and getting smacked in the face.

It speaks volumes about the Trump campaign that an advisor can make comments about Hillary Clinton being shot, and still have his position within the campaign. Forget being punished; Baldasaro is regarded by the candidate as a good man. Threaten Hillary Clinton with death and get praised by the Republican nominee. That is exactly how the twisted Trump campaign works.

Any normal campaign would have denounced Al Baldasaro’s comments. Trump can’t get out of his own way, as the Republican nominee is proving on a daily basis that the biggest problem Republicans have is that they nominated Donald Trump for president.