Questions Grow About Trump’s Health As GOP Nominee Cancels 4th Event This Week

For the fourth time this week, Donald Trump has canceled a planned campaign event. The campaign event that was scheduled for the competitive battleground state of Arizona was canceled and replaced with nothing but thin air.

NBC12 in Phoenix reported:

The Phoenix event has joined the growing list of rallies that Trump has canceled. The Republican nominee has already canceled rallies in Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon.
The cancellation of a string of campaign events comes at the same time as NBC News is reporting that Donald Trump’s doctor did not do a full health evaluation on him. According to NBC, the only medical letter that Trump has released was written by his doctor in five minutes while a limo waited outside. Trump’s doctor stands by the letter that he wrote, but the letter is not the same as medical records or proof of Trump’s physical health.

Donald Trump has tried to make Hillary Clinton’s health and stamina a campaign issue, but it is the Republican nominee who has not released any medical records while canceling events less than three months before Election Day.

If Donald Trump wants to be president, he needs to assure the American people that he is healthy enough to do the job. This can be done by undergoing a full physical and releasing his medical records.

It is reasonable for voters to speculate about Trump’s health given his shifting schedule and lack of public medical records. Donald Trump can easily end the speculation by telling voters why he is canceling rallies and releasing a detailed medical history.