Trump Sets Himself Up For Disaster By Refusing To Study For Hillary Clinton Debate


Donald Trump is setting himself for a debate disaster by refusing to do any debate prep before facing off with Hillary Clinton. Instead of studying, Trump is spending his prep time sitting at a golf course, eating hot dogs, and talking to Roger Ailes.
The Washington Post reported:

Donald Trump is taking a different approach. He summons his informal band of counselors — including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, talk-radio host Laura Ingraham and ousted Fox News Channel chairman Roger Ailes — to his New Jersey golf course for Sunday chats. Over bacon cheeseburgers, hot dogs and glasses of Coca-Cola, they test out zingers and chew over ways to refine the Republican nominee’s pitch.

Trump’s aides have put together briefing books, not that the candidate is devoting much time to reading them. Trump is not holding any mock debates, proudly boasting that a performer with his talents does not need that sort of prepping. Should Trump submit to traditional rehearsals, some associates are talking about casting Ingraham, an adversarial chronicler of Clinton scandals, to play the Democratic nominee.

The Post reports that Trump believes that he is so talented that he doesn’t need to prepare or study ahead of the debates. Instead, Trump plans to show up and overwhelm Clinton with “zingers” that are being written by the team of Rudy Giuliani, Roger Ailes, and Donald Trump.


Donald Trump’s arrogance and laziness are well documented, but the train wreck that he is setting himself up for could take down the entire Republican Party. Trump is going to step on stage with the entire world watching, and wing a presidential debate. Donald Trump is going up against the most qualified person ever to run for the presidency, and he isn’t going to prepare or study.

Debating Hillary Clinton is a whole other universe compared to squaring off against the 16 dwarves that Trump survived against in the GOP primary debates.

During the Republican primary debates, Trump was able to stand back and let the chaos around him consume much of the airtime. In a fall presidential debate, all of the pressure and attention is going to be on him.

There will be nowhere for Trump to hide, and the nation may get to watch an epic disaster unfold before their very eyes because Donald Trump is too lazy to study.