Trump Is So Terrified Of Hillary Clinton That He Just Attacked Her For Being A Woman

Donald Trump is fixated on Hillary Clinton’s appearance and gender.

During his speech at Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride Event in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said of Hillary Clinton, “She doesn’t even look presidential to me. She certainly doesn’t.”


Right, because:

A) She’s not a man, which is why Clinton winning the White House would make history. Welcome to 2016.

B) Hillary Clinton is not a cheerleader for whatever self-described alpha male is in the room, and Donald Trump holds women who don’t worship him in deep contempt. (Much evidence of this.)

C) Hillary Clinton won’t dress herself up like a doll to please men like Donald Trump and this seems to offend him and the entire alt-right movement, which loves to criticize Clinton for the clothes she wears. Apparently, women should only be “allowed” (fake) power if they are dressed in a way that pleases men. Which means the men are still in power and the women are subservient helpers/cheerleaders/agreeable dolls.

And on that note, we’ve come full circle.

The bottom line is that Hillary Clinton makes Donald Trump nervous. In his world, he is above her because he’s the Big Man and she, like all women, should seek his approval. But Clinton seeks no one’s approval.

And soon Donald Trump will be up against Hillary Clinton’s brain and experience. He will not be a match for her, and so he will take refuge in mocking her appearance, showing contempt for her daring to be someone without his approval. His contempt will go over with the people who are already supporting him, but it’s not going to fly as a response to Clinton’s intelligence during a debate.

Donald Trump’s knuckles might as well graze the floor, he’s that far regressed.

Just like Trump’s racist dog whistles are actually screaming sirens, so too his misogyny is a screaming siren to women everywhere. He doesn’t get it, and that’s half the problem. He’s so clueless, he expects people to agree with him when he knocks Hillary Clinton for being a woman and running for president.

It’s 2016. I never thought I’d say this, but Donald Trump makes Mitt Romney’s 1950s version of women look progressive.