Gripped By Hysterical Panic, Trump Lies About Hillary Clinton’s Medical Records

Donald Trump has gone full Hillary Clinton health conspiracy by tweeting the false claim that Clinton has not released detailed medical records.

Trump tweeted:

Hillary Clinton released a detailed two-page letter about her medical history more than one year ago.
In the letter, Clinton’s doctor provided details about her medical history, “Mrs. Clinton is a healthy 67-year old female whose current medical conditions include hypothyroidiam and seasonal pollen allergies.” Clinton’s letter provided specific test results from her most recent physical and contained everything that Trump’s letter, which was written in 5 minutes without a physical exam being performed, lacked.
Trump’s tweet was a classic case of projection. The Republican nominee is under fire for releasing no medical records, so his answer is to project the criticism onto his opponent as a means of deflecting attention from the fact that voters have no details about his medical history.

Donald Trump was using a tactic that was a direct callback to his birther days of yesteryear. Trump is claiming that Hillary Clinton’s two page detailed letter (a.k.a. the medical records short form) is not good enough. Trump is going to demand to see all of Hillary Clinton’s records (a.k.a. the long form medical records).

The GOP nominee’s panicked tweet is another indication that none of the tactics that Trump used to win the Republican primary are working against Clinton. Trump is still searching for a way to put Hillary Clinton on the defensive, but reviving questions about his own health and failure to release medical records is a stupid strategy that is destined to fail.