Hillary Clinton To Unleash Her Secret Obama Weapon To Devastate Trump In October

President Obama was expected to campaign for Hillary Clinton, but what no one expected was for the President to devote nearly the entire month of October to campaigning for the Democratic nominee. An election that Trump is losing could become a devastating defeat after Obama is done with him.


CNN Jeff Zeleny reported, “President Obama is on the verge of returning back to the campaign trail on September 13 in Philadelphia for Hillary Clinton, but that is not all. Democrats familiar with his schedule tell me that he is going to devote nearly all of October to campaigning for Hillary Clinton. He’s going to be, of course, trying to fire up black voters in North Carolina and in other states, but also setting his sights on Iowa and Nevada. Those are two states with more white populations, particularly Iowa, where he won, and she is struggling mightily, so look for him to be all in in October as well as Joe Biden and Michelle Obama.”

It has been decades since Democrats had a popular incumbent president who was invited to hit the campaign trail for the party’s nominee. President Obama has made a few appearances with Hillary Clinton, but outside of his speech at the Democratic convention, Obama hasn’t been a factor in the 2016 contest.

That will all change in a big way in October. Donald Trump is already struggling with a significant surrogate gap. High profile Republicans are running away from Trump instead of stumping for him.

Democrats are about to come after Trump with everything they have in October. An election that was going poorly for the GOP could turn into a rout after Barack Obama has finished barnstorming the country for Hillary Clinton.