Former Senior Obama Adviser Says Trump Is Basically A Psychopath Running For President

Democrats are delivering the blunt truth about Trump. On Meet The Press former Obama senior adviser David Plouffe said that Trump is basically a psychopath running for president.


David Plouffe was asked by Chuck Todd why he thought that Clinton would struggle in Virginia and Colorado.

Plouffe answered, “Those are two tough states. I think they were uniquely suited to Barack Obama. When we had that conversation, I think the assessment was that Donald Trump would do some things to appeal to the middle of the electorate, to appeal to suburban college educated women. He’s not. Basically, you have a psychopath running for president.”

Todd asked if it was fair to diagnose people on the air?

Plouffe continued, “Well, listen, he – the grandiose notion of self-worth, pathological lying, lack of empathy and remorse. So my point was I think he does. I don’t have a degree in psychology…Here’s where the race sits today. I think Hillary Clinton is guaranteed two hundred and sixty-nine Electoral votes because Virginia and Colorado I think both campaigns believe are put away.”

Plouffe may not have a degree in psychology, but my colleague Sarah Jones does, and she is of the opinion that the Republican nominee has some issues.

Polling consistently demonstrates that Donald Trump doesn’t pass the eye test for what voters want in a fit and competent president. It doesn’t take a psychologist to see that Donald Trump lacks the mental and emotional tools needed to lead the United States of America.

Plouffe’s main point was that the mistake election experts made when they assessed Trump’s chances was that they assumed he would behave rationally, and that Donald Trump’s irrational behavior has likely left Republicans with minimal odds of winning back the White House.

Trump may not be a clinically diagnosed psychopath, but his unstable behavior has cost Republicans dearly in 2016.