Trump Pounces On Weiner Scandal But Has Donated Thousands To The Democrat’s Past Campaigns

As Jason Easley wrote today, the latest thing Donald Trump is trying to exploit for political gain is the news that top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin is splitting with her husband and infamous sexter, Anthony Weiner.

Trump called Abedin’s decision “wise” and has even recently called her soon-to-be ex-husband a “sleazeball and pervert.” He even tried to make the claim that Weiner may have had access to classified information due to his marriage with Abedin.

But as NBC News reported on Monday, the Republican nominee, who is now using Weiner’s marital troubles because he thinks it will benefit his candidacy, has donated thousands of dollars to the Democrat’s past political campaigns dating back to 1997.

The report via NBC News:

But Trump, who has contributed money to both Democrats and Republicans, including his rival Hillary Clinton, was supportive of Weiner in the past. He donated twice, including the maximum amount of $2300 to Weiner’s congressional races in 2007 and 2010 and he made a small $150 contribution to his city council race in 1997.

Apparently, Donald Trump, who has been divorced twice and is a well-known adulterer himself, has no problem with “sleazeballs” and “perverts” when he isn’t running for president. But now that his campaign of bluster and bigotry isn’t faring well with general election voters, he is desperately grasping at anything he thinks will make a dent in Hillary Clinton’s polling lead.

The problem with his latest attempt to pin something – anything – to Clinton is that it once again exposes more about Trump than it does about Clinton. It proves that the Republican nominee doesn’t really have a constant set of values.

Instead, Trump will simply exploit anything – from terrorist attacks to the killings of African Americans to a troubled marriage – he thinks will benefit him in the here and now. 

This is not about Hillary Clinton or Anthony Weiner, and it’s certainly not about Huma Abedin’s personal decision to leave a deteriorating marriage. It’s about Donald Trump’s shameless and neverending attempt to exploit everything he can to score political points.

Like all the times he’s tried before, this too will fail.