Donald Trump’s Minority Outreach – Tell Blacks Same Lies He Tells Whites

Fox News reported Sunday that Donald Trump, apparently aware that black votes are as scarce as snowflakes in hell (just 5 percent according to a poll released Sunday, and that figure is as low as 2 or even 1 percent in other recent polls), plans to go to black communities to scrounge up some votes. This is an interesting move, given his recent hiring of white supremacist Steve Bannon of Breitbart.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told Steve Doocy and company on Fox News Sunday, that “we’re on message and on task.” And part of the task is to find black voters who will cast their vote for Trump. So far his efforts have revolved around blame-shifting, accusing Democrats of being responsible for all the woes experienced by blacks in America.

A simple re-writing of history. It’s what Republicans do best: 1) create the problem, 2) blame Democrats for the problem, 3) stop Democrats from fixing the problem. Trump has learned his lesson well, as he revealed in an August 17 speech in Wisconsin:

“Hillary Clinton-backed policies are responsible for the problems in the inner cities today, and a vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime, and lost opportunities.”

Which has the virtue of being not only simplistic but completely untrue. Just the way Trump and his supporters like it.

According to Trump, Democratic lawmakers,

“Have ruined the schools. They’ve driven out the jobs. They’ve tolerated a level of crime no American should consider acceptable. … I am asking for your vote so I can be your champion in the White House.”

Right. The guy who refused to rent to them is going to be their champion. The guy who didn’t want to see them working on his casino floor, is going to be their champion. And then there is the fact that even Fox News has busted Trump for lying about black poverty statistics.

Obviously, the people who have ruined schools are the people opposed to public education, who keep making cuts to education: Trump’s own Republican Party.

Now Trump plans on going to African-American communities and making a direct appeal, which means telling these lies more or less face to face, with (possibly) actual black people in the crowd. As we know, the Republican way is to get a bunch of white people together to talk about minorities, or men to talk about women, and so forth.

According to Conway,

“These events are already being planned. We’re fighting for every single vote. He’s going to take [his message] to where people vote.”

As Professor Warren Throckmorton, who proved his devotion to our fact-based reality by refuting David Barton’s lies about Thomas Jefferson, tweeted in response,

“He should start by asking forgiveness for systematically discriminating against them in his apartments.”

That would be a nice start. But it would mean Trump apologizing for something he won’t even admit he did.

More confusing yet, given Bannon’s hiring, is Mike Pence telling the world yesterday,

Right. You don’t want people like David Duke, which is why you hired Steve Bannon. It is difficult to see any difference between the two.

Yes, though Conway says Trump is “on message” his attitudes toward race seem as confused as his immigration policy, if one can be said to exist. Conway said,

“Immigration is such a complex issue and Mr. Trump has been taking the counsel of many different people in this.”

Who’d a thunk? Their counsel is coming out of Trump in a babel of conflicting voices, so that even immigration experts can’t figure out what Trump’s actual position is.

She said with respect to immigration Trump’s position is that he wants to “be fair to everyone” and claimed that in contrast, Hillary Clinton has shown she has “shown no interest in working with Congress on the issue,” as though the Republican Congress has any interest in working with any Democratic president.

Let’s not forget, when Obama was elected, they came right out and said their plan was to obstruct him at every turn, and they have done exactly that.

So Trump’s planned outreach to blacks is the same as his outreach to white supremacists: blame the Democrats for everything that is wrong in your lives. His white audiences are ready for it; they’ve been told for years that Democratic governance is illegitimate.

Republicans have gotten whites to vote against their self-interest for years and years. Trump’s plan is to somehow get blacks to do the same.

“Everything has to be looked at,” Conway said. Everything but the facts, apparently.