Hillary Clinton Send Shock Waves Through The GOP As Poll Shows Tie In South Carolina

A new poll shows that Hillary Clinton has a chance to turn deep red South Carolina blue in November, and in the process turn the presidential election into a blowout.
The Post and Courier reported:

A second presidential poll in South Carolina in recent weeks says the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is tied.

A Reuters/IPSOS poll Monday gave each a 46 percent level of support.

A Feldman Group poll from earlier this month also found Clinton and Trump neck-and-neck, at 39 percent. It was conducted for the S.C. Democratic Party.

Two earlier polls in August showed Donald Trump with leads of two and four points in South Carolina. If Hillary Clinton wins in South Carolina, the presidential election will be a rout. Donald Trump already has a very narrow path to the White House. If Hillary Clinton picks up one state that Mitt Romney carried in 2012, Republicans will be toast.

Clinton is currently projected to win a victory that could be as big as President Obama’s over John McCain in 2008, or as small as President Obama’s win over Mitt Romney in 2012. The real world difference in those margins will be viewed in the potential size of the Democratic Senate majority, and the number of House seats that Democrats pick up.

It might seem impossible to believe, but Donald Trump is such a bad candidate that he may lose South Carolina for the Republican Party.