Trump Gets Desperate And Dumps Money Into Hopeless Play To Win Michigan


The Trump campaign has announced that instead of spending money where it could help Republican candidates, they will be wasting cash by trying to win Michigan.

Hallie Jackson of NBC News tweeted:


Donald Trump is running closer to Clinton in Iowa and Nevada, but his campaign is desperate to try to expand the map, so they are going to waste precious and limited Republican dollars by running ads in Michigan. According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Clinton leads Trump in Michigan by an average of 8.2 points.

In other words, Michigan is a long-shot for Trump. The Trump campaign is also going to be spending money in Pennsylvania, but Clinton’s average lead in the Keystone State is also 8.2 points. Trump is closer to being blown out than he is to winning in the two “Rust Belt” states that were long thought to hold the keys to his victory, but the campaign is going to spend on states that they probably won’t win.

As Donald Trump pours resources into strong blue states, Hillary Clinton is making inroads in Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and even Texas.

The long-term implications of the two candidates’ decisions could change the future electoral landscape, as Hillary Clinton is building to turn red states blue, while Donald Trump burns money on delusions of blue states that will never flip into his column.