Mexico Trip Already A Disaster As Former Mexican President Busts A Big Trump Lie

The Donald Trump as statesman tour is set to begin today, with an unplanned and chaotic trip to Mexico to prove that Donald Trump is not a racist hatemonger.

Unfortunately for Trump, he started his day off as usual by taking to Twitter to say whatever inflammatory falsehood that was festering on his brain this special day, which just so happened to be about former Mexican President Vicente Fox. Trump said Vicente Fox “who is railing against my visit to Mexico today, also invited me when he apologized for using the “f bomb.”

Vicente Fox corrected Donald Trump in no uncertain terms, “I invited you to come and apologize to all Mexicans. Stop lying! Mexico is not yours to play with, show some respect.”

And this is Donald Trump’s big problem as he embarks upon his ‘I’m not a racist buffoon” publicity tour. Donald Trump has insulted Mexicans and African Americans consistently, stereotyping and abusing them as a collective with nary a thought for the individual or the ramification of his inaccurate prejudices.

So it doesn’t occur to Trump that now that he seeks to use Mexico and African Americans as props to sell his new “Not-A-Racist” Trump, it might be insulting. It might not go over very well. Especially when he fails to show respect.

As he has already done this morning.

Donald Trump doesn’t see others as people, and that’s the real problem. So even if he weren’t a racist or someone using racism to win power for himself, which I’d argue is even worse than being a racist because it’s knowingly sowing division and manipulating people who aren’t as able to see that they’re being used, he is still a person who can’t solve problems.

World leaders have to see what motivates others, which involves seeing others as people with needs and wants, in order to address problems. They have to do this even to win negotiations. But Donald Trump can’t do this.

It turns out that Donald Trump’s image as a successful businessperson is nothing more than propaganda. His version of a “deal” is to bully and intimidate others, and that’s the sort of world leader he sees himself as.

But Donald Trump isn’t smart enough to be even be a good bully on the world stage, because he can’t even think through to the long game of not insulting people he might need one day. So not only is he using racism to gain personal power, but he is also proving to be an inept thug as a “leader”.

Don’t play with Mexico. Nobody likes being played and used, except maybe for Donald Trump who can’t see that Putin is using him.