Trump Moves To Destroy The Free Press By Blocking US Media From Mexico Trip

Donald Trump has made his intention to destroy the free press clear during his campaign, but US media got a taste of Trump’s plans when he told all of the traveling press covering him that they wouldn’t be allowed on his trip to Mexico.

Reporters who are traveling with his campaign broke the news that the US press will not be allowed on Mexico trip:

The press was offered no charter for the Trump trip, and when asked if the media could charter a plane to Mexico, the Trump campaign said no:

Trump is planning on holding a press conference while in Mexico, but only with Mexican media:

The Republican nominee is not going to be taking any questions from the reporters who most closely cover his campaign:

There may be American press on the trip, but they will be only from Trump friendly propaganda outfits. Nobody should be surprised if Trump calls on a “reporter” from Breitbart to ask a question.

The American people should be outraged by this behavior because it is an open assault on the free press’s ability to provide information to the public.

The media grumbles about Hillary Clinton not holding a press conference, but Clinton would never essentially ban reporters from accessing a news event.

Donald Trump wants to control the story of his trip to Mexico and is taking extreme measures to avoid the free press.

The Republican nominee is trampling the Constitution with what is a sneak preview of his behavior if he is elected to be the next President Of The United States.

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