Democrats Go On Offense In Red States After Hillary Clinton Raises Big Money For Party

Democrats are going on offense in three red states, while Hillary Clinton is raising huge sums of money for Democratic Party organizations.
NBC News reported on the Democrats expanding the 2016 map into Georgia, Arizona, and Utah, ” The Democratic National Committee is launching a new field program to expand its footprint beyond the typical battleground states where Hillary Clinton campaign’s already has a large infrastructure…. In the short term, the goal is to take advantage of Donald Trump’s weakness in so-called expansion states by boosting Clinton and forcing Republicans to spend precious resources defending them…. In the longer term, the effort harkens to former DNC Chair Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy. It aims to build up Democratic infrastructure in places that don’t have much, like red or purple states where Democrats hope to make gains, but aren’t quite battlegrounds.”

Democrats are using Trump’s historically bad campaign to not only win in 2016, but they are also trying to build field organizations in red states that could pay dividends for years to come.

The effort is being funded because Clinton and the DNC are taking advantage of a joint fundraising agreement that is allowing Democrats to raise large sums of money together.

The New York Times reported, “Hillary Clinton is raising massive amounts of campaign cash for the Democratic National Committee and dozens of state parties, according to figures released by her campaign on Wednesday, laying the groundwork for a substantial investment in swing states during the fall.”

Meanwhile, thanks to Republican nominee Donald Trump’s decision to mooch off of the party, RNC fundraising has hit its lowest point since 2004.

Donald Trump’s campaign is making the Democratic Party stronger, and the decision to nominate Trump may haunt the GOP for years to come because Democrats are putting together the kind of field operation that Republicans have always feared.