Lacking Stamina And Energy Donald Trump Disrespects American Legion Vets

A low energy and disinterested Donald Trump stopped by the American Legion’s national convention, said a few unrelated words, and quickly departed. The 18 minutes that Trump spent addressing the American Legion was an act of disrespect.


Here was the entire transcript of Trump’s comments about veterans’ issues:

We will rebuild our depleted military, and pursue a state-of-the-art missile defense. We will do it based on those three famous words: Peace Through Strength.

We will make sure our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have the best equipment, training and tools in the world – and we will ensure that they have the best medical care in the world, both in service, and when they return home as civilians.

That will require a total reform of the Veterans Administration.

I’ve laid out a ten-step VA reform plan you can review on my website. Here are the basics:

I will appoint a Secretary of Veterans Affairs whose personal mission will be to clean up the VA.

The Secretary’s sole mandate will be to serve our veterans – not bureaucrats, not politicians, but veterans.

I am going to use every lawful authority to remove and discipline anyone who fails our veterans or breaches the public trust.

I will appoint a commission to investigate all the wrongdoing at the VA, and then present those findings to Congress as the basis for reforming the entire system.

We are going to ensure every veteran in America gets timely access to top-quality care, including the best care in the world for our female veterans.

The Veterans health system will remain a public system, because it is a public trust. But never again will we allow any veteran to suffer or die waiting for care.

That means Veterans will have the right to go to a VA facility, or the right to see a private doctor or clinic of their choice – whatever is fastest and best for the veteran. The Veteran will be in control.

Donald Trump spent more than sixty minutes bashing immigrants in Phoenix the night before, but America’s vets got a speech that was 18 minutes in total, with just a few of those moments focused on the VA.

Trump offered no policy to vets. He spent more time rambling about how kids will respect the flag in schools in his administration.

Candidates reveal their priorities with how they allocate their time on the campaign trail. Trump made it obvious that veterans aren’t a priority, and his mailing it in quickie speech to the American Legion national convention was an act of disrespect to those who served their country.