Even Trump Is Admitting That Mexico Told Him They Won’t Pay For His Wall

While speaking to a local reporter in Columbus, Donald Trump admitted that Mexico told him that they wouldn’t pay for his border wall.

Video of Trump telling a Wilmington, OH crowd that Mexico will pay for the wall:

However, here is a transcript of Trump’s exchange with WCMH’s Olivia Fecteau of an interview that was done before the rally:


Trump admits that Mexico told him that they wouldn’t pay for the wall, but he is living in a fantasy world where he thinks foreign policy is a negotiation, so the Republican nominee continues to lie to his supporters by expressing his belief that Mexico will pay for the wall as a fact.

Even Trump knows that Mexico isn’t paying for his wall, but that doesn’t stop him from lying to his supporters and justifying it by imagining a scenario where Mexico would be happy to pay for the wall.

The wall has about as much of a chance of being paid for by Mexico as Donald Trump has of being elected president in November. Trump is lying with no conscience. It is like Trump is living on another planet that exists only in between his own ears, but what is most troubling is that millions of Republican primary voters bought into his fantasy and handed him the GOP presidential nomination.

Trump has problems, but the bigger problem is that Republican primary voters thought that Donald J. Trump was fit for the White House.