White Nationalists Hail Trump’s Immigration Speech as ‘Epochal’ and ‘Almost Perfect’

It was reported here last night that Trump wrecked his election hopes by turning his immigration policy speech into a Klan rally, what we might think of as a re-pivot, or a pivot of his pivot that almost was.

White nationalists were jubilant afterward, as happy coming out as going in, and certainly treated Trump’s speech like a Klan rally, calling it “Almost Perfect.” If, as has been argued, Trump is responsible for what people hear, then he must take credit for all those happy white racists.

Outspoken xenophobe and McCarthyist Ann Coulter was giddy, exultantly tweeting that “I hear Churchill had a nice turn of phrase, but Trump’s immigration speech is the most magnificent speech ever given.”

And Lou Dobbs, who did so much while at CNN to stir up anti-immigrant hatred before he found his happy place at Fox News, added his two cents:

“We are Watching A Leader Who for the First Time in Three Presidencies Will Put America and Americans First!”

Jared Taylor, whom we’ve encountered before as editor of the non-profit American Renaissance, tweeted,

Taylor, you may remember, claims not to be a white supremacist, or to even know what the term means. So he knows something about twisting things. He also opined via another tweet that,

“Donald Trump has tied our foolish immigration policies to every problem we have. This is a epochal, historic, unprecedented.”

Epochal… Right. Until Trump opens his mouth again, that is.

So how about former KKK leader David Duke, who was inspired by Trump to run for the United States Senate? Duke live-tweeted Trump’s speech, tweeting at one point,

The Alt-Right’s Daily Stormer, founded by neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, live-streamed Trump’s speech. It also observed, on an unrelated but triumphant note, that Trump Jr. retweeted famous (infamous?) Anti-Semite Kevin MacDonald.

White supremacist Richard B. Spencer, a self-described “identitarian” who has been called by the Glenn Beck Show as the “Karl Marx of the Alt Right,” and who says “Race is what matters. I don’t care if an immigrant filled out the paperwork correctly,” tweeted,

Before putting his racist self to bed last night, Spencer, who is on record for wanting to replace the Declaration of Independence with a European “ethno state,” added one final tweet: “Trump Made Trump Trump Again.”

Mike Pence can claim the Trump campaign doesn’t want the support of these people, but the campaign’s rhetoric belies that claim. Trump is more than happy to have their support. Given the campaign’s scarcity of minority supporters, it depends upon them. And it is clear that Trump cemented a place in their hearts yesterday and no doubt secured their votes.

Fox News portrayed Trump’s visit to Mexico as a triumphal tour and you can be sure his racist followers will be equally blind to Trump’s glaring weakness when face-to-face with Mexico’s president.

Last night, Trump delivered what the white supremacists of the so-called “Alt-Right” wanted. He used all the right buzzwords, all the racist talking points and false data he could muster, in order to position himself as their champion, and therefore, as the enemy of all other Americans, not least the Mexicans he claims to love.

Photo: Twitter