Friday Fox Follies – The Quarterback Sneak

The Fox freak-out against Colin Kaepernick began immediately after the 49ers quarterback sat out the Star Spangled Banner, a rare outrage two-fer of Patriotism and Race. However, Fox has its own shameful National Anthem secret.

A few years back Fox “News” made a big, flag-waving, red, white and blue proclamation that it would play the Star Spangled Banner at the beginning of the broadcast day. However, as it turns out, Fox only plays the tune on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Does that mean the station is unpatriotic the other 5 days? And, when it plays, does everyone at Fox stand at attention?

Meanwhile, the Fox “News” jihad against Kaepernick continues:

Fox host says black NFL star should
stand for anthem because America
gave him ‘two white parents’

Fox’s Tucker Carlson On Colin Kaepernick
Protest: I’m Tired Of “Rich People” Like
President Obama And Oprah Being Victims

Sean Hannity Speculates That Kaepernick
Protested National Anthem Because
“He Might Have Converted To Islam”

Mike Huckabee Thinks Trump Critics And
Colin Kaepernick Should Leave The Country

However, as this reporter has demonstrated many times, Fox regularly soils its diapers when the issue is Race:

Fox News Makes ‘The Blacks’ The Real Villains Of Donald Trump’s Tweet About Dwyane Wade’s Cousin Fox Criticizes Beyonce For Walking Red Carpet With Mothers Of Victims Of ViolenceFox’s Katie Pavlich: “Police Aren’t Shooting Innocent Black Men”Sheriff David Clarke Gushes Over Trump’s ‘Brilliant’ Tweet About Dwyane Wade’s Cousin’s DeathFox Regular: The Problem With Community Policing Is “That Young Black Males Don’t Respect Authority”On Fox, Lisa Boothe Lashes Out At “People Like Beyoncé” Who Push The “False Narrative” Of Racial Bias In Police Shootings

Fox knows what stirs up resentment among the mouth-breathers.

ROGER AILES; GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Ever since Gretchen Carlson launched her sexual harassment lawsuit against the Fox head honcho (pun intended), the best reporting has come from New York Magazine‘s Gabriel Sherman. This morning he published his latest blockbuster, which is well worth reading in its entirety. The Revenge of Roger’s Angels ends with this paragraph:

It’s hard to say that justice has been served. But the story isn’t over: Last week, the shareholder law firm Scott & Scott announced it was investigating 21st Century Fox to “determine whether Fox’s Officers and Directors have breached their fiduciary duties.” Meanwhile, Ailes is walking away from his biggest career train wreck yet, seeking relevance and renewed power through the one person in the country who doesn’t see him as political kryptonite, the candidate he created: Donald J. Trump. Ailes may be trying to sell us another president, but now we know the truth about the salesman.

Pre-inoculating itself, Fox News Smears ‘Virus’ Gabriel Sherman In Advance Of Bombshell Report as Roger Ailes’s Lawyers Escalate His Vicious Vendetta Against Journalist Gabe Sherman. This even after we learned Roger Ailes Reportedly Had a 400-Page “Opposition File” on Fox News Biographer.

There is a Report: 21st Century Fox in Settlement Talks With Three Women Harassed by Roger Ailes. Meanwhile, Fox News petitions for darkness, secrecy in sexual-harassment case, trying to steer Andrea Tantaros’ sexual harassment claims to binding arbitration, as opposed to a courtroom. However, she is shining renewed light on her case:

Andrea Tantaros wants Ailes, Bill O’Reilly
to take ‘lie-detector test challenge’

Amusingly, Howie Kurtz Complains That Harassment Lawsuits Make Fox News ‘Look Like A Terrible Place’ because Howard Kurtz Says “Fox Is Generally A Collegial And Rewarding Place To Work” In Response To New Harassment Allegation. Never mind more than 2 dozen women have now come forward.

THE TRUMP DUMP: He may be gone, but he still wants to play king-maker:

Trump’s Revolting All-Out Attack on
Immigrants Bears the Fingerprints
of New Adviser Roger Ailes

Donald Trump’s ‘Willie Horton’
Immigration Speech Was Vintage Roger Ailes

The fact that Ailes is no longer in charge doesn’t mean it has stopped slavishly supporting Donald Trump, when Fox Ignores Report That Trump’s Modeling Agency Encouraged Immigrants To Work Without Documents.

Speaking of slavish support: Friday Fox Follies previously called Sean Hannity a hack for his almost non-stop infomercials supporting Agent Orange. Now Sean Hannity Calls Donald Trump’s Immigration Rant “Pivotal” And “Very Powerful”. However, nothing is as laughable as:

Sean Hannity: I’ll Take Responsibility For
Trump If He Goes Back On His Promises

No take backs!!!

This as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Calls Out Sean Hannity’s Hypocrisy In Praising Trump’s Teleprompter Use. Watch:

Meanwhile, Hannity [claims]: Glenn Beck Is On “A Holy War” Against Me For Supporting Trump.

The saving grace of this election cycle is How Donald Trump has discredited much of conservative media:

Fox News — the “fair and balanced” alternative to the liberal media, the voice of traditional values, the never-ceasing hum in the background of American conservatism — has been revealed as the personal fiefdom of a Donald Trump shill and as an institution apparently operating (according to one lawsuit) “like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny.” While Fox News is not going away, it will need to be relaunched and rebranded as the network of Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly (both fine journalists), rather than of angry white television personalities who employ perpetual outrage as a business model.
Much (not all, but much) of the new conservative establishment feeds outrage as its source of revenue and relevance. It is a model that has been good for Limbaugh and Fox News but bad for the GOP. Republicans are now caught in a complicated electoral dynamic. What their base, incited by conservative media, is demanding, the country is rejecting. A choice and a conflict are becoming unavoidable. Trump’s angry nativism — newly restated in Arizona with a few twists — is a talk-radio shtick, correctly viewed by most of the electorate as impractical and cruel. It is less a proposal than an offensive, unhealthy form of ideological entertainment. And this show needs to close.

The unintended consequences of Fox’s Perpetual Motion Outrage Machine.

ABLOW FOR THE LITTLE GUY: At one time this reporter wrote the occasional column about Keith Ablow, who has taken to selling snake oil:

Because I am a lazy punster, these were under the rubric ABLOW JOB. Who knew how prescient I would be?

Fox’s Dr. Ablow: Freud Would Have
Given Trump A Standing Ovation
For Boasting About His Penis Size

Fox Doctor: Trump “Showed An
Incredible Degree Of Psychological Strength”
With “The Small Hands Issue” At A Debate

A reminder: Dr. Keith Ablow claims he’s a psychiatrist.

LOOFAH LAD LANGUISHES: A side stories in Andrea Tantaros’ Roger Ailes sexual harassment lawsuit are accusations against Bill O’Reilly. Sharp-eyed pundits noticed that Fox News Didn’t Defend O’Reilly In Response To Andrea Tantaros’ Sexual Harassment Suit. This comes as Left-wing conspiracy theorists connect Bill O’Reilly’s impromptu vacation with accusation in sexual harassment suit.

Why not defend him? Maybe because Fox has already paid out millions after former-Fox staffer Andrea Makris accused the Falafel King of sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, James Patterson, Bill O’Reilly children’s book tackles social skills.

No. Really.

CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS: Fox will attack entertainment folk who come out against anything the station supports. Yet:

Fox & Friends Slobber Over
Larry The Cable Guy’s Punditry

On Fox & Friends: “Great Actor” Kevin
Sorbo Says Jesus Supports Trump!

The station doesn’t just hate the Left Wing:

Todd Starnes, Brian Kilmeade To Speak
At Anti-Gay Group’s “Celebration”

As unfair and imbalanced as ever.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT’S DUE: Once again Shep Smith angers the base:

‘He is a LIEberal’: Shep Smith tells the truth
about voter ID — and conservatives freak out

Headly Westerfield celebrates 7 years of writing Fox “News” criticism on September 20th.