Mexican President Only Met Trump To Confront the Threat To Mexico Head On

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:07 pm

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

When an insignificant know-nothing without anything constructive to say makes outrageous statements, it is usually the case that anyone within earshot ignores the idiot or laughs them into obscurity. Although it is true that Republican standard bearer Donald Trump is a monumental know nothing that has made a living spewing deliberately outrageous statements, he is embarrassingly not insignificant; a fact not lost on Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. In fact, during an appearance and brief interview on a Mexican television program, President Nieto explained exactly why he took valuable time out of his busy schedule to meet with America’s know-nothing loudmouth extraordinaire, Donald Trump.

It is unclear who, exactly, initiated the idea of a Trump visit to Mexico, and although it was obvious that Trump was making an appearance to blunt the nastiness of the impending and highly-anticipated speech on immigration, no small number of Americans wondered why the Mexican President would waste his precious time meeting a significant malcontent who has demeaned and insulted the Mexican people on both sides of the border. As it turns out, President Nieto wanted to meet with Trump and confront him “head on” because as is the case with world leaders who are not Vladimir Putin, Nieto knows a president Trump would be a risk and a threat, specifically to Mexico and the Mexican people.

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Of course Trump made out like the ‘storied’ meeting between an avowed racist like himself and an articulate leader was productive and friendly, but one suspects it was highly strained and a shock to the Donald’s sense of his own awesomeness. Why? Because President Nieto was brutally frank and let Trump know exactly what he as President of Mexico, and the Mexican people, think of the loudmouth big-time wrestling celebrity. Probably concerned that the only reporting about the meeting came from Trump’s mendacious mouth, Nieto sat down and explained to the Mexican people on both sides of the border precisely why he took time to meet with Trump and what he told the blowhard.

The interviewer didn’t even offer any warm salutations or thanks for the interview and immediately asked President Nieto a question that some Mexican-Americans and likely every citizen of Mexico wondered:

Why was Trump here, in our country?”

President Pena Wasted no time with pleasantries about the meeting and replied:

Let me be very clear regarding the comments that I have heard and the dozens of statements that candidate Trump has made in Arizona. I was very clear, because we did discuss payment of the wall and I was very clearly emphatic that Mexico will not pay for that wall. I was also clear that every government has the right to do whatever they decide to do with their borders, in accordance to the rules of their government. But Mexico, by no means, will pay for that wall. I was clear and emphatic on that point.

Secondly, I confronted the candidate, and made it known that the Mexican community has been greatly offended by his many indignant remarks made about Mexicans and Mexicans in the United States. There was only one reason I did this, and the reason was to confront the risk and threat to Mexico head on. As the president of the republic, I have one sole responsibility; to care for the people of Mexico and fight for Mexico.

Evidently, something has happened that has never happened before in the history of the United States presidential election; Mexico is a part of the debate. And with that have come things that frankly are a risk and threat to Mexico.” (author bold)

At this point the interviewer, seemingly taken aback that President Nieto actually dared to intimate that Trump is a threat to Mexico after just meeting with the candidate asked pointedly:

“Donald Trump is a threat? Specifically, is Donald Trump a threat to Mexico?

President Nieto replied: “His positions, some of his positions, yes they represent a direct threat to the future of Mexico.”

It is probably the case that Donald Trump is seldom, if ever, confronted by anyone much less a  Mexican man representing a nation of Mexicans Trump has perpetually insulted over the past year.  It is also probably the case that Mexican President Nieto was anxious for the opportunity to confront Trump “head on” over his demonizing comments about Mexican immigrants and citizens alike. There is no doubt that high on President Nieto’s list was telling the loudmouth Trump “very emphatically” that in no universe was Mexico going to pay for a border wall and then to call out Trump’s dirty lie that there was no conversation about paying for a wall.

What is too bad, really, is that President Nieto’s remarks about Trump being a threat to Mexico and the Mexican people was on a Spanish-language program because Trump’s supporters might be surprised to learn that their loudmouth racist hero was actually “confronted head on” by “a Mexican” and that getting in Trump’s face was the only motivation for the Mexican President to meet with the bully and let him know precisely what the Mexican people on both sides of the border think of him.

Many world leaders have weighed in on the risk and threat Donald Trump poses to the entire world if he were elected, but the only one to actually look the racist bully in the eyes and set him straight on his signature issue was President Nieto; for that reason alone he deserves high praise. One is confident that his nation’s citizens have heaped praise on their President for waiting patiently to confront a bigoted bully head on and fulfilling his “one sole responsibility” of caring for the people of Mexico, fighting for Mexico and confronting the risk and threat to his nation and people living in America.

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