Republicans Reeling From New Poll Showing Trump Has Destroyed The GOP Brand With Latinos

Trump is getting crushed 70%-19% with Latino voters, and he is on pace to receive a record low amount of Latino support, but what should give Republicans nightmares is the long-term damage that Trump is doing to the GOP brand with Latino voters.

According to the new poll done by Latino Decisions:

Approximately 3-of-4 Latino voters (73%) say the Republican Party “doesn’t care too much about Latinos” (45%) or that the GOP is “sometimes hostile towards Latinos” (28%), while just 21% say the Republican Party “truly cares about the Latino community.” When asked if Trump has made the Republican Party more welcoming to Latinos, less welcoming, or has had no effect, 70% of Latinos say “more hostile” vs. only 10% who say “more welcoming” (16% said “no effect”). Meanwhile, 58% of Latino respondents say that Hillary Clinton has made the Democratic Party “more welcoming” to Latinos vs. 10% who say “more hostile,” and 28% who say she hasn’t had an effect. Overall, 68% of respondents said Trump’s views on immigration and immigrants made them less likely to vote for Republican candidates this year (20% said “more likely”). Meanwhile, 64% said Clinton’s immigration views made them more likely to vote for Democrats vs. 20% who said “less likely.”

Evidence of the damage that Trump, along with a decade plus of anti-Latino behavior is doing to the Republican Party is found in the fact that by a margin of 67%-19%, Latino voters are going to vote for the Democratic candidate for Congress.

Republicans can also forget about split-ticket voting among Latino voters because 68% of them say that Trump has made them less likely to vote for Republican candidates.

The 2016 presidential election is going to have consequences for the Republican Party that go way beyond Donald Trump. Republicans looked at the RNC’s autopsy of their 2012 loss, tossed it in the trash, and then nominated Trump. The GOP has gone the opposite direction from what it needed to be doing to be successful in the future.

By nominating Trump, Republicans may have turned Latino voters into Democrats for at least a generation.