New Trump Hire Proves Hillary Clinton’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is Real

A desperate Donald Trump has hired for his new Deputy Campaign Manager, Citizens United President David Bossie, who The Washington Post, which broke the story, notes is a “veteran conservative operative who has investigated the Clintons for more than two decades.”

Trump told the Post via a phone interview that Bossie, described by New York Magazine as a “Clinton nemesis,” is “A friend of mine for many years. Solid. Smart. Loves politics, knows how to win.”

He should have added, “a relentless foe of Hillary Clinton,” for whom Trump used to have effusive praise. As End Citizens United pointed out, his hiring means Trump has doubled down on his “special interest alliance.”

There is no disguising the truth: Bossie will be assisting Kellyanne Conway as an anti-Clinton character assassin, and Hillary for America Chair John Podesta released the following statement:

“David Bossie is so craven and maniacal that in the heyday of the overreaching, Gingrich-era Congress, the top Whitewater conspiracy theorist in the House had to fire him for doctoring evidence. He has devoted his career ever since to trying to tear down Hillary Clinton. For months now, Citizens United has been acting as an arm of the Trump campaign, and this hiring of Bossie now makes it official. This is just the latest sign that Donald Trump has put the most extreme elements of the right-wing fringe in the driver’s seat of his campaign.”

Media Matters demonstrates that Podesta accurately describes Bossie’s “role in releasing selectively edited transcripts and video of prison conversations by Clinton confidant Webster Hubbell.”

The transcripts and video, whose editing was overseen by Bossie, removed exculpatory statements from Hubbell that downplayed alleged wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton at their former law firm. Then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich responded to Bossie’s actions by telling then-House Government and Oversight Committee chair Dan Burton, “I’m embarrassed for you, I’m embarrassed for myself, and I’m embarrassed for the conference at the circus that went on at your committee.”

Bossie was forced to resign as investigator for the House Government And Reform Committee in 1998. Now he is back, hoping to finish the job he started then. George H.W. Bush, by the way, condemned Bossie’s “Filthy campaign tactics” during the 1992 presidential campaign, which only serves to recommend Bossie’s services to Trump, who positively revels in flinging dirt.

And Bossie really wants Clinton to lose, telling Breitbart Radio in August,

“Look, conservatives haven’t been happy and together since Ronald Reagan, so I think what we need to do is put aside the small things, and look at the big global picture of a Hillary Clinton presidency, and that should frighten us all.

“If we support and get behind Donald Trump, we can impact him. We can have great impact, as conservatives, in a Trump Administration. We are in the icebox for four years with Hillary Clinton, and America goes down the drain, because four more years of the Barack Obama agenda is a dangerous thing for America.”

Trump’s move shows his desperation as his campaign is increasingly run as a game of musical chairs, recently adding Steve Bannon, then Kellyanne Conway, and now David Bossie. Media Matters’ Research Director Matthew Gertz asked in a tweet, “Maybe time to stop mocking Hillary over the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’?”

Photo: Screen capture – Fox Business