Trump Addresses Empty Church As African-American Photo-Op Backfires In Detroit

Donald Trump’s appearance at an African-American church in Detroit went wrong, as the congregation rejected Trump by not showing up to hear him speak.

Here was the scene as Trump entered the church:

The place was nearly empty. Donald Trump did give a speech to the few members of the congregation that were there and it was as condescending and offensive as one would imagine:

Trump told African-Americans that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, which is why they should vote for him:

Trump claimed that he was there to remedy injustice:

And he quoted the Bible, rather unconvincingly:

Trump also got a prayer shawl from Israel:

The whole appearance was about the photo-op of Trump appearing in an African-American church. Donald Trump is not sincerely trying to get the votes of African-Americans. The Republican nominee is trying to convince white suburban voters that he is not a racist.

Trump’s publicity stunt backfired because the church congregation in large part refused to be used as political props. Donald Trump went to an African-American church, said some words that he didn’t write, and then posed for pictures.

What the Trump campaign never planned for was the rejection of their candidate by the congregation.