Trump Kicks Media Out of Black Church While Surrogate Lashes Out at Media for Leaving

Earlier, I wrote about Trump’s campaign, via racist troll Milo Yiannopoulos, getting some push-back from the mainstream media. It’s happened again as conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham tried to push a blatant lie down the throat of CBS News’ Sopan Deb, who was covering Trump’s publicity stunt at a black Detroit congregation this morning.

Laura Ingrham tweeted,

Sopan Deb wasted no time setting Ingraham straight, tweeting back:

He followed this up with another tweet:

The Associated Press’ Jill Colvin had this to add:

One wit had perhaps the best response to the whole affair, tweeting,

Couldn’t have said it better. Far from being persecuted by the mainstream media, Trump is continuing to bring on his own problems with the press and its constitutional freedoms, content to blame them for his mistakes, or to let low-information surrogates like Laura Ingraham, who, like Trump, can’t be bothered to check the facts, do it for him.

This time it didn’t work as, happily, the media stepped up and quickly slapped down the lie.