Tim Kaine Masterfully Sets A Trap By Making Clinton Emails About Trump Tax Returns

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine did his part to help the ticket set a trap for Donald Trump by turning Clinton’s emails into a discussion of Trump’s tax returns.



Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

SEN. TIM KAINE (D-VA), VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Well, and I think, Martha, they’ve gotten a better explanation, because to add to what she just said, the reason these materials are being made public is that Hillary Clinton said I want the public to see them. When Congress asked the FBI, give us your notes, Hillary said, yes, that’s great, give them your notes but let the American public see it.

And what these notes demonstrate is, in very significant detail, why the FBI chose not to go forward with any additional proceeding.

She did make a mistake. And she made by deciding she wanted to use one device rather than multiple devices. She’s apologized for that. She said it was a mistake. And she’s learned from it.

But these notes, which Hillary urged be made public, demonstrate clearly why the FBI saw no need for additional criminal proceedings.

RADDATZ; But Senator Kaine…

KAINE: If you contrast that, on the other side — just — I’m just — I’m saying, just contrast…

RADDATZ; Finish up.

KAINE: — the disclosure with a Donald Trump, who won’t even allow the American public to see his tax returns.

Republicans opened up a whole new can of worms by pressing for the FBI’s notes on the Clinton interview. Sen. Kaine spoke the truth. Hillary Clinton has released her emails, FBI notes, a detailed health history, and her tax returns. Donald Trump won’t release anything. Trump has released no medical history, no tax returns, no documents about his business dealings. Trump won’t even release proof of his the charitable donations that he claims to have made.

Hillary Clinton has been more transparent than. With his answer on ABC’s This Week, Kaine gave a potential preview of one of the traps that Clinton is setting for Trump at the presidential debates. If Trump wants to talk about Clinton’s emails, he better be prepared to answer questions about his tax returns.

As Gov. Mike Pence fumbles and bumbles through his national television interviews, Tim Kaine continues to be a living example of why Clinton’s judgment should be trusted over Trump’s.