Trump Creates A Big Problem For Himself As His Obama Birther Past Comes Back To Haunt Him


Donald Trump was asked about his Obama birtherism during a local television interview, and his answer created a whole new problem for his presidential campaign.



Transcript of Trump trying to dodge the birther question during an interview with WPVI in Philadelphia:


I don’t talk about it anymore is not an acceptable answer. In fact, Trump gave the one answer that will guarantee that he is going to be asked about his birtherism everywhere he goes for the rest of the campaign. Donald Trump doesn’t get how the concept of a free press works. By dodging the question by refusing to talk about it, the Republican nominee has ignited a conversation about his Obama birtherism that will hijack his attempts to prove to white people that he isn’t a racist.

Donald Trump keeps finding new and different ways to get his own campaign off message. Trump expects the American people to forget his birtherism, but it isn’t going to happen. The Republican nominee could have chosen to address the question head on and use it to prove that he has grown as a human being, but that wouldn’t be the real Donald Trump.

The truth is that Donald Trump has been instructed not to talk about his belief that President Obama was not really born in the United States because it will cost him votes.

The American people deserve to know the real Donald Trump, which is why it is critical that NBC News’ Lester Holt ask Trump about his birtherism at the first presidential debate.

By trying to dodge the question, Trump created a new problem that may lead to the mercy killing of his dying presidential campaign once and for all.