Harry Reid Celebrates Labor Day With a Call to Continue Supporting Workers

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (D-NV) celebrated Labor Day in a statement issued today, calling Labor Day a celebration of working Americans. He stated that “This Labor Day, as we recognize sall the good that the labor movement and American workers have done for this country, we must also acknowledge work yet to be done.”

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Read his statement in full below:

“For more than a century, Labor Day has honored the achievements of the labor movement and American workers. It recognizes the many vital contributions that workers have made to our economy and way of life. The labor movement secured better wages, reasonable hours and safer working conditions for all Americans. The labor movement’s tireless efforts put an end to child labor and built the American middle class. The ingenuity and productivity of the American worker is what makes us the most innovative country in the world with the strongest economy.

“Labor Day is a time to celebrate working Americans, the backbone of our economy, and remember the labor activists who fought for the many rights and protections we enjoy and deserve. We must continue their legacy and recommit ourselves to the fight for fair wages, responsible workplace protections, and secure retirements to provide a prosperous future for all.

“This Labor Day, as we recognize all the good that the labor movement and American workers have done for this country, we must also acknowledge work yet to be done. Women still only receive a fraction of the salary men earn in the same position. Workers earning minimum wage still struggle to support themselves and their families. And the top earners of the country still receive the majority of the country’s wealth. I will continue supporting workers across the country because together we can make a difference.”

Reid’s statement stands in stark contrast to the Republican Party’s championing of the 1 Percent and wealthy corporations and their CEOs. As Labor Secretary Tom Perez said in a separate statement,

“Labor Day is about more than picnics and parades. We celebrate this day to reflect on America’s labor movement — the men and women who have helped build this country and our middle class. Because they’ve spoken up together and demanded fairness, we can all enjoy things like the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, minimum wage, safer workplaces, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, and retirement plans.”

Both statements echo that of President Obama’s open letter today. And these are all things opposed by the Republican Party. All Trump could talk about today was creating jobs that have already been created. He had nothing new or original to offer, or really, anything that was even relevant.

If America’s working class is to improve its circumstances, these combined messages show that the go-to party is the Democratic Party. The GOP is nothing but empty and tired old talking points.

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