The Break Up Of Fox News Begins As Greta Van Susteren Abruptly Departs FNC

Greta Van Susteren is the first Fox News host to leave the network after the Ailes scandal, as the On The Record host has departed the network after 14 years due to what is being called a “financial dispute.”

Fox News made the announcement via a statement:

Van Susteren was one of the few Fox News employees who defended Roger Ailes publicly as the sexual harassment scandal broke, so it would not be surprising if the Murdochs played hardball with her over money because they want the Ailes loyalists out.

Greta Van Susteren has been a constant long-term presence on Fox News for nearly a decade and a half, so the idea that her departure was only about money doesn’t pass the smell test. As we reported at the time of the firing of Roger Ailes, three Fox primetime hosts all have/had clauses in their contracts that would allow them to leave if Ailes was no longer working at the network. Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly both still have out clauses, as did Greta Van Susteren.

Fox News is heading for major changes. A bloodbath was expected to occur after the 2016 election, but it looks like the fireworks are starting early. The assumption is that Sean Hannity will be the next to go and that Bill O’Reilly may decide to retire. Megyn Kelly’s contract expires next year, and it has been made clear that if she is going to stay, O’Reilly is going to need to go.

The elephant in the room remains the very real threat to Fox News that may be set into motion if Donald Trump loses the election and starts his own network. Van Susteren was a Trump favorite. Hannity is Trump’s propaganda minister and O’Reilly vocally supports Trump. It is easy to see all three ending up with shows on a Trump network. If Trump wins the presidency- or opts not to launch his own network, it is possible that Van Susteren ends up back at CNN.

Either way, the breakup of the ratings dominant Fox primetime lineup has begun, and Fox News may never be the same again.

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