Hillary Clinton Rips Trump At News Conference For His Growing List Of Scandals

Hillary Clinton went on the offensive while taking questions from the media, and tore into Donald Trump for his growing list of scandals.


Clinton said:

He has bankrupted his companies six times. He’s been sued about four thousand times. He’s been accused repeatedly of fraudulent behavior. His so-called Trump University is under investigation right now because of the way it has scammed so many students who thought they’d get a better opportunity in life, and we’ve recently learned that his Trump Foundation has been fined for illegal activity when it made a political contribution to the attorney general of Florida at the time she was being asked by her constituents to investigate Trump University, because of the effects that these people that she’s responsible for had experienced. And, of course, as we know, there was a phone conversation between them. They contradict each other.

The American people deserve to know what was said because clearly, the Attorney General did not proceed with the investigation. So the list is growing. The Washington Post has a long list of many of the behaviors, the experiences, and the activities that he’s engaged in.

Hillary Clinton needs to do more of this. The press conference got her in the headlines, and more importantly, she is connecting the dots on the Trump scandals. It is easy to get caught up in bouncing from one Trump scandal to another, but it is important to focus on the pattern of behavior.

Trump’s decades of illegal behavior, scandals, and corruption paint a picture of what kind of president he would be. Republicans obsess over Hillary Clinton’s “scandals” as a way of distracting from the very real questions that should be asked about Donald Trump.

Clinton is turning the tables, and as the homestretch of the 2016 election comes into focus, she is showing America who Donald Trump really is.