Trump Offers Up His Lamest Reason Yet For Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be President

Donald Trump is now claiming that because Hillary Clinton coughed, she is not healthy enough to be President Of The United States.

Video of Clinton coughing due to allergies at Ohio rally yesterday:

Trump responded by claiming that Clinton’s allergies are a major scandal:

Clinton’s coughing was never trending, so the media wasn’t ignoring a story because there was no story. Donald Trump continues to talk about Hillary Clinton’s health while refusing to release the details of his own medical records. Clinton’s allergies are well known. Details about her allergies were included in the medical summary that she released to the public last year.

Hillary Clinton held her second press conference with reporters in two days, and gave an update on the status of her allergies:

Donald Trump’s attempt to use Clinton’s allergies as a disqualifier from office may have been the lamest stunt that a presidential nominee has pulled in decades. A man who refuses to release the details of his medical history to the public has no room to talk about his opponent’s health.

Trump continues to throw out distractions on a daily basis to keep journalists and voters from asking the important questions. Every journalist in every interview should ask Trump why he hasn’t released a medical history or summary.

If Donald Trump wants to make health an issue, voters deserve the facts on whether or not the Republican nominee is healthy enough to be president.