Mark Cuban Destroys Fox News Clinton Lies, Calls Trump a ‘Master of Headline Porn’

Neil Cavuto sat down with billionaire Mark Cuban to push some talking points on Fox Business, which is generally what passes for an interview on Fox. But Mark Cuban was having none of it, and verbally flayed Cavuto to within an inch of his cable news life.

Cuban began by point out that Trump has been leading the media around by their noses, and called him “a master of headline porn.”

“Donald has done a great job of setting the agenda for the media. The guy is a master of headline porn. You know, you just want to deal with the headlines and not look what’s underneath it.”

This is precisely what the mainstream media has been guilty of doing.

“And there’s nobody better at it than him. But that’s not what I look for when it comes to deciding who I want to vote for for president. At some point, somebody has to govern. At some point, he would have to understand policy. At some point he would have to get into details. And he just has not shown a talent for doing any of those things.”

At this point, Cavuto decided it was time for a little push back, and began citing all the GOP’s invented Hillary scandals:

“Has Hillary Clinton though?” And here he launched into a tirade about emails, flip-flops and “stories.”

Cuban gave him a verbal beat-down:

“Look, all candidates flip-flop to a certain extent over the years and I don’t even hold that so much against Donald. Look, I’m happy to discuss the emails. The thing about Hillary Clinton, she’s not good at communicating with the media. Donald is a master of it. The thing about the emails, people trust her judgment when it comes to classified information because she’s never discussed what she actually did with classified information. The reality is, for 99.99% of the classified information she dealt with, she did it in hard copy, paper, secured transfer, everything was done by the book. She didn’t even use the PC. For her email, she sent and received emails from a total of 13 people. That’s it, 13 people. And across those 13 people there were 68 classified threads…”

This was too much for Cavuto, who saw Fox News’ carefully created lies being destroyed on air, so he jumped in with a “That we know of, and 15,000 more are out there…”

Cuban was having none of it, and again utterly destroyed the Fox host:

“No, that’s not the case Neil. That’s not the case, because the FBI went and interviewed everybody and anybody who connected with her email.”

Losing there, Cavuto switched tacks, claiming it was odd for a Secretary of State to set up her own email server, but Cavuto shot him down again, stressing once more that he knows what he is talking about because “I’m a tech guy.”

Of course, Cuban has already dealt with the emails during an appearance on CNN, explaining why he doesn’t think Hillary Clinton did anything wrong. As with any thoroughly debunked Fox-created “scandal,” however, he’s more than happy to run it up the flagpole to attract some attention.

Cuban admitted to being a behind-the-scenes supporter of Hillary Clinton and revealed he would be willing to help Clinton by portraying Donald Trump in mock debates, but says he hasn’t been asked.

This should have been the moment Cavuto asked Cuban about the Trump Foundation. But after making Cuban defend his pro-Colin Kaepernick stance, Cavuto had more to dish out on Hillary Clinton and brought up former GE CEO Jack Welch’s allegations that the Clinton Foundation is a “pay for play” scheme.

Cuban went after Welch in a series of tweets, saying “You have money. Access. Give one example where you were able to buy “pay for play” from Clintons?” Of course, Welch couldn’t. Cuban followed this up with another broadside: “You know what it’s like to be falsely accused. Shouldn’t you back up accusations with facts?”

Well, facts…Welch is a Republican after all. What was Cuban thinking?

Cuban was more than happy to return to the subject and ripped into Cavuto’s lies about Clinton’s speaking fees.

“Look. You have to ask yourself what’s the market for a former president giving a speech, right?. So first of all, Ronald Reagan was paid more than a million dollars for speeches in 1989. He went to Japan and gave two speeches. Second of all, Bill Clinton made, I think it was $250K give or take, for a lot of speeches. I’ve made $250K for a bunch of speeches. For the most part, he gets paid a little more than I do, but the point is he was right inside the market. He wasn’t getting paid more or less than the market.”

And he added – over Cavuto’s objections that it looks “suspicious” – that,

“In order to determine if there is any quid pro quo, there’s go to be some money destined for the trade-off. But Neil, they’ve been investigated more than anybody.”

Mark Cuban has had no problem going before the mainstream media and destroying Republican talking points about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The mainstream media should, in fact, be the ones doing this, but since they aren’t, it’s fortunate to have somebody like Cuban, who, because he is wealthier and more successful than Trump, has to be taken seriously. And he speaks from knowledge and with utter conviction.

This was a clinic given by Mark Cuban in how to beat-down fake Fox scandals, and he danced a jig on Neil Cavuto’s head without skipping a beat.

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