Bill Clinton Goes To Work And Devastates Donald Trump In Just 20 Seconds

It took former President Bill Clinton seconds to diagnose and devastate Donald Trump while campaigning for his wife in Orlando, FL.


The former president said, “Her opponent always figures out what he is about to be zapped with and accuses her of it. It’s good. I mean, he’s good at that. He’s made a lot of money on reality TV. They’re going to accuse me of pay to play in Florida. I think I’ll accuse her of it.”

Bill Clinton made the audience laugh while driving home three messages that are key to the Hillary Clinton campaign in twenty seconds. Mr. Clinton hit Trump for his compulsive habit of projecting his own flaws onto his opponent. The former president reminded voters that Trump is unqualified for the office that he is seeking by using the phrase reality TV star, and he brought up Trump’s corruption with the unfolding pay for play Trump scandal in Florida.

Bill Clinton is a master of political communication. His folksy tone and charm smoothly coat a rock solid political message. Donald Trump has created the myth that he is a great communicator, but Trump looks like a babbling child compared to Bill Clinton.

The Hillary Clinton campaign is going to be rolling a team of all-star surrogates that Trump can’t match. Whether it is President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, former President Clinton, Vice President Biden, or Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Democrats will be crisscrossing the country with a team of surrogates speaking on behalf of the Clinton/Kaine ticket that is head and shoulders above anyone that will speak for Trump.

After listening to former President Clinton, it’s clear that Donald Trump could be in for a very rough couple of months.