Hillary Clinton On Fire As She Nails Donald Trump for His Corrupt and Illegal Politics

Hillary Clinton is on fire as her campaign nailed Donald Trump for his slimy, corrupt and illegal politics via his “charitable foundation” in a new web ad.

Watch here:

As Donald Trump points the finger at Hillary Clinton’s Foundation, he has four more pointing back at him.

Trump has used his foundation, which is funded with other people’s money by the way, to pad the pockets of or attack attorney generals who were looking into Trump University. Trump U made a lot of money for — (say it with me) Donald Trump, but ripped 5,000 students out of $40 million.

Trump’s “charitable” Foundation illegally gave $25,000 to Florida AG Pam Bondi in what also appears to be an additional illegal play-to-play scheme to buy her off.

Trump also held a fundraiser for Bondi.

Bondi decided not to investigate Trump U.

In addition, in Texas then Attorney General Greg Abbott had a $5.4 million case against Trump and Trump U, for “bilking Texas taxpayers out of more than $2.6 million.”

But the investigation was dropped and the “former deputy director of Abbott’s Consumer Protection Division now alleges that the attorney general office’s decision to quash the lawsuit against Trump — later a major donor to Abbott’s campaign — was a political move that left Texas consumers ‘high and dry.’”

Sounds familiar.

It isn’t just a pattern of behavior that tells a story but also Trump himself brags about how he gets what he wants by buying people off. This is the man pointing the finger at the top-rated Clinton Foundation, which actually does good deeds, saving hundreds of millions of lives around the globe. Whereas, Donald Trump’s Foundation appears to exist to laundry money to benefit Donald Trump, buy him out of criminal trouble, and buy $20,000.00 pictures of himself.

Remember, that’s other people’s money. Trump hasn’t donated to his own Foundation for years, according to David Fahrenthold at the Washington Post.

Additionally, Yahoo reported that in 2014 Trump’s Foundation gave $100,000 to the conservative Citizens United Foundation, which is run by David Bossie – who is now Trump’s deputy campaign manager – to help finance a federal lawsuit against Democratic New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, “the same public official who was suing the real estate mogul for fraud over the operations of Trump University.”

Donald Trump’s Foundation is a tax exempt charity, and thus not supposed to be giving money to political causes at all.

So, Trump used the “charitable” Foundation to pad the pockets of two Republican AGs and used the Foundation’s money to sue the Democratic AG in New York. It’s also worth noting that the Citizens United Foundation has gone after Hillary Clinton with its dark money enough to warrant the idea that she is their number one enemy.

And why is that? The Citizens United Foundation fights for corporate donations to remain secret, so that you can’t tell who is funding ads and dirty stories about politicians who won’t bend to its will. (This also means that unions can contribute dark money, but since the conservative activist group fought so hard for this, you can guess who benefits from it the most — yes, the party that most serves the corporate lords of this country, the Republican Party.)

USA Today reported that Bosie is the leader of the Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC, funded largely by a hedge-fund billionaire. So somehow this leader of a Super PAC is now working for the Trump campaign, even though Super PACs are not supposed to coordinate with campaigns.

Clinton has promised if elected to introduce a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United within the first 30 days of her presidency.

The House Judiciary Committee Democrats yesterday urged the feds to investigate the Trump Foundation’s illegal donation to Pam Bondi.

The takeaway here is Donald Trump has a habit of projecting his guilt onto his opponents. So he accused the Clinton Foundation of being corrupt, it was investigated, it is not corrupt. But under the Trump rock, we find very few good deeds via his foundation and instead a slimy, grotesque version of a charity full of criminal thuggery.

Much is made of Hillary Clinton’s “trust issue” but people shouldn’t forget that a lot of this dirt is being paid for by people with a big interest in keeping Clinton out of the White House. Now why would big, dark money want Clinton out of the White House? Because she promised to come after their dark money seems pretty obvious.

Donald Trump is the corrupt stooge the dark money wants in the White House, and that isn’t be good for the people of this country.

Hillary Clinton is in fighting mode and she’s not going to take it anymore. Contrary to what dark money and Donald Trump tell you, it’s not Hillary Clinton who is corrupt and crooked.