Donald Trump Goes Off Script With Tasteless Remark About Hillary Clinton’s Health

At a rally in Ohio on Wednesday night, Donald Trump, momentarily off the leash he’s been on since his campaign shake-up, directed a tasteless remark at Hillary Clinton, saying that she likely wouldn’t be “able to stand up” onstage for an hour and deliver a speech.


Trump said, “It is always hot when I perform because the crowds are so big. These rooms were not designed for this kind of a crowd … I don’t know, folks, you think Hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? I don’t think so.”

Trump’s inappropriate comments come as the Democratic nominee is “recovering well,” as Clinton’s doctor noted today, from a standard case of pneumonia that she was diagnosed with last week.

More medical information released by Clinton today showed that, other than her current temporary illness, Clinton is both physically and mentally fit to serve as president.

Trump, on the other hand, has disclosed virtually nothing other than a laughable letter from his doctor and a few scripted moments about his health with Dr. Oz. We really don’t know much about the man other than what meets the eye.

What we do know about his health – since the Republican nominee is so interested in talking about it – is that he is overweight, on medication for high cholesterol, never exercises, and enjoys indulging in fast food. It’s also noteworthy that his family has a history of Alzheimer’s disease.

This isn’t to say that Trump isn’t healthy; it’s just that we don’t really know, one way or the other, in a detailed way. Why? Because, like his tax returns, he refuses to release much info about it.

In any case, his off-the-cuff remark about Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night wasn’t just based on the lie that she is unfit to serve, but it was also terribly inappropriate – especially when Trump’s own health is questionable.