Trump Turns Yellow As His Attacks On Hillary Clinton’s Health Completely Backfire

Donald Trump tried to make Hillary Clinton’s health an issue, but his campaign turned yellow and changed their tune when the attacks on Clinton backfired and turned into questions about Trump’s own medical records.

Trump originally promised that he would release the results of his latest physical during an appearance on Dr. Oz, but there were signs yesterday that the Trump campaign was planning a swerve.

The Trump campaign spent weeks trying to turn Hillary Clinton’s health into an issue. They caught a break when Clinton tried to power her way through pneumonia and had to leave the 9/11 memorial ceremony early.

The Trump campaign could have taken advantage of the opportunity by releasing a detailed medical history for Trump, but they didn’t. Instead, they let the question of candidate health become an issue in the presidential campaign and opened the door for the press to ask why Trump has released so little medical information.

When the questions turned to Trump’s own health, the campaign seemed completely unprepared.

Yesterday, the Trump campaign telegraphed that they would not be releasing details about Trump’s physical as they had promised less than a day before.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said that the Republican nominee has a right to privacy as it relates to his medical records.

Video of Conway:

Conway said, “I don’t know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy.” That didn’t sound like a campaign that ever had any intention of releasing detailed information about Trump’s medical condition.

Wednesday’s announcement that the results of the physical won’t be revealed on Dr. Oz should surprise no one, It’s a classic Trump bait and switch.

The questioning of Clinton’s health has backfired on Trump, but his campaign didn’t want to answer the same question that is being asked of Hillary Clinton.

Any other Republican would have been able to take advantage of Clinton’s illness, but the GOP nominated the one candidate who is terrified to release his health records because he is older than Hillary Clinton.

Another crackpot Trump scheme has gone up in flames, because Donald Trump talks the talk, but can never walk the walk.