Donald Trump Jr Blames the American People for His Dad’s Refusal to Release His Tax Returns

Donald Trump Jr gave a new excuse for his father’s failure to release his tax returns as presidential candidates have done for 40 years, this time it’s the people’s fault.

In a meeting with the Tribune Review in Pennsylvania, Trump Jr claimed it would create “financial auditors out of every person” and would “detract from” the Republican nominee’s main message.

Asked why his father won’t release his tax returns, Donald Trump Jr. said, “Because he’s got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that would detract from (his father’s) main message.”

The people, they would ask questions… and that would be distracting.

First Donald Trump said he was “thinking” about releasing his tax returns and he would do so maybe when Hillary Clinton released her emails. Her emails are out. So now Trump has been telling the country that he couldn’t release his taxes because he was under an audit.

The IRS has said there is no reason a person under audit couldn’t release their tax returns, and additionally Donald Trump could release his old tax returns if he wanted to. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has released decades of her tax returns.

Basically, Trump keeps changing his answer about why he won’t release his tax return and his son’s new excuse is that the people would read too much into them and have a lot of questions.

Donald Trump Jr. used the same line of thinking as he “dismissed a new report Wednesday that his family’s international business interests could present conflicts and ethical quandaries should his father be elected president.”

“My father is going to be a government official, and he’s going to separate himself” Trump Jr. said, in more of the “trust us even though we won’t show you anything, not even the medical reports or tax returns, oh and by the way, let me pivot to blaming my opponent for what the Trump Foundation has actually already done.

The Tribune noted, “Trump Jr.’s father has not had a great track record in telling the truth on the campaign trail, according to the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-check website PolitiFact. The website has investigated about 250 claims Trump and Clinton each made. The website found that his claims, 70 percent of the time, were found to be at least mostly false or worse, while hers were false or mostly false 28 percent of the time.”

“I would argue that PolitiFact is a very liberal organization,” Trump Jr. rebutted.

Donald Trump won’t show you his tax returns or his medical report, but you should trust him that he will suddenly forget the people and entities his business is involved with when he makes decisions where his business interests would be best served by decisions that could have grave implications for our national security.

Trust him, even though PolitiFact finds that of the 250 claims they investigated, Trump’s are mostly false or worse 70% of the time.

Don’t ask any questions. Just close your eyes and believe.