Hillary Clinton Fillets Trump While Defending Flint African-American Pastor

During a press conference in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton defended Flint African-American pastor Faith Green Timmons after she was attacked by GOP nominee Donald Trump.


Clinton said, “His latest target is a pastor in Flint, Michigan who respectfully asked him not to use her pulpit for political attacks. He called her a nervous mess. That’s not only insulting. It’s dead wrong. Reverend Faith Green Timmons is not a nervous mess; she is a rock for her community in trying times. She deserves better than that. And Flint deserves better. In fact, so does America. So I’m going to keep working as hard as I can to lift up our country, not tear it apart.”

The recent polls have been a godsend for Hillary Clinton in numerous ways. The polls showing the election tightening are waking up some Democratic voters who may have gotten complacent due to the recent success of Barack Obama in presidential elections.

An added benefit of the polls is that they have brought about the return of Trump’s personality. Donald Trump really believes all of the public polls and thinks that he is winning the election. When Trump thinks he’s winning, his real personality comes out, and that personality does things like attack African-American pastors who will not allow their pulpit to be exploited for political attacks.

If Clinton’s time away from the campaign trail has taught Democrats anything, it is that the party needs her voice out front and center. Trump is going to be Trump, and that means attacking innocent people over perceived slights. Hillary Clinton took Trump to task and delivered the message about the GOP nominee’s character that voters need to be reminded of through Election Day.