An Inspired Hillary Clinton Returns To The Campaign Trail With A Trump Killing Message

Hillary Clinton used her recent bout of pneumonia as the vehicle to return to the campaign trail with an inspiring, clear, and deliberate Trump killing message in North Carolina.

Clinton took the stage in Greensboro to the James Brown class I Feel Good, just in case anybody didn’t get the not so subtle message that Hillary Clinton’s health is fine.

Former Sec. of State Clinton departed from the standard stump speech and talked about why she is running and what matters to her.

Clip of Clinton returning to the campaign trail:

Clinton did mention Trump later and his half-baked child care plan for less than half a minute:

What stood out about this speech was that Hillary Clinton took her focus off of Donald Trump, and put it back on herself and her campaign.

Clinton said:

So in these final days, let’s try to tune out all of the chatter and the non-stop analysis that often doesn’t have much to do with what the next president has to do to create good jobs. To create opportunity, to make it possible for every young person to afford to go to college, or to get the skills that you need for the jobs of the future.

Let’s talk about what really matters, and here’s my promise to you. I’m going to close my campaign the way I began my career, and the way I will serve as your president, should you give me that great honor. Focused on opportunities for kids, and fairness for families.

Trump was barely mentioned in the speech.

Hillary Clinton built a lead in the polls with a positive message about America and the future, and political science tells us that positivity wins presidential elections.

It may turn out that the message that kills off the campaign of division and negativity on the Republican side, won’t be about Donald Trump, but whether or not Hillary Clinton can rally voters to her positive vision of the future.

Hillary Clinton is back, and she is challenging Trump with a message that is going to be difficult for his narrow and dark campaign to match.