The Media Turns On Trump After He Holds Fake Press Conference And Takes No Questions

The press is on the verge of dumping Trump after the Republican nominee conned them by promising a press conference and then taking no questions.

Video of the entirety of Trump’s press conference and his comments about birtherism:

Trump conned the media by promising a major announcement and a press conference. The event was a Trump publicity stunt where he spent two and a half minutes trying to blame Clinton for his birtherism and took no questions from the press.

The media immediately knew that they had been conned.

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond tweeted:

CNN’s John King acknowledged that the press got played:

Glenn Thrush of Politico:

Trump also dodged questions by refusing to allow reporters to accompany him on the tour of his new hotel:

Hillary Clinton is now taking questions from the press on a regular basis, while Donald Trump is ginning up free media attention promising press conferences that never happen.

The game is over for Trump. The media knows that they have been played. With one colossally arrogant blunder, Donald Trump may have put an end to his media free lunch.