New Clinton Ad Brutally Exposes Trump’s Birther Lies

Hillary for America has released a new video about Donald Trump’s birther lies, saying, “As much as he may try to walk back his own birtherism, Americans aren’t buying it. That’s because we all know who Donald Trump is. His political identity is based on this outrageous lie, and there is no erasing it in history.”

“Donald Trump tried to put birtherism behind him. Instead, he made it worse,” says the ad, before launching into a point by point refutation of Trump’s lie that Hillary Clinton began the birther controversy, complete with video evidence.

“Donald Trump,” the ad concludes, “Lying even when he’s admitting the truth.”

Donald Trump tried to rewrite his personal history again, and he has been condemned by everybody but the right wing media for presenting himself not as a promoter of birtherism, but it’s enemy. The evidence is unequivocal. Donald Trump is a liar, and the Clinton campaign here has brutally exposed his trail of lies.

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