Republicans Stand By Trump Even After He Twice Suggests Hillary Clinton’s Assassination

Republicans will stand by Donald Trump even when. Yes, even when period, because there is no low too low for Republican leadership.

Republican leadership stands by Trump even after he twice suggested Hillary Clinton’s assassination. They stand by Trump even as he peddles yet another false conspiracy in order to blame Hillary Clinton for his own pathetic birtherism — oh, and Republican leadership stood by Trump’s birtherism, too.

Republicans stand by Trump even when…

They stand by Trump even with the anti-trust violation scandal for which he was fined fined him $750,000 by the Federal Trade Commission.

They stand by him after he asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton.

They stand by Trump after he and his running mate Mike Pence slobbered over Putin and Putin’s dictator style leadership, saying he was stronger than President Obama.

They stand by Trump after he refused to disavow his birtherism regarding President Barack Obama. They stand by Trump now that he has suddenly admitted that Obama was born here, but only while peddling another lie and of course, devoid of personal responsibility — there was no apology to the nation let alone the president.

They stand by Trump even though he took 4 deferments from the Vietnam war draft. This same man keeps stoking conspiracies about Hillary Clinton’s health.

They stand by Trump after he belittled a Gold Star family, mocked a disabled reporter, routinely denigrates women reporters and journalists — calling them “Little Katy” and suggesting they’re “bleeding” so they are emotional and no good at their job.

Republicans stand by Trump after he was busted illegally donating to Florida Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi from his foundation, as she was deciding whether or not to pursue a case against his Trump University.

Trump made a similar donation to then Texas Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott.

They stand by Trump even though his foundation claims to have given a lot of money to people and organizations who say they never received a dime.

Republicans continue to stand by Trump even as his collection of thug aides and advisers are busted for ongoing sexual harassment, arrested for battery of a female journalist, and more.

Trump has a history of tenant intimidation and racial discrimination. No problem for Republicans.

Trump has four bankruptcies. No problem for the self-described “fiscally responsible” party.

Republicans stand by Trump even after he proposed banning Muslims from the country. They walked the disavow the policy but support the hate-peddler line on this one, a dance as ridiculous as the Trump supporters who claim they aren’t deplorable.

If you enable and support deplorable actions, you are eventually deplorable yourself. And that is where we are right now.

There is no low too low for Republican leadership, and this is why the party is drowning in its own self-inflicted injuries. Republican strategists can see the writing on the wall, and this is why many of them are calling out Donald Trump’s reprehensible lies and rhetoric.

But Republican leadership is doing with Trump what they did with Rush Limbaugh, back when they were so afraid of the unofficial head of their party and hate-mongering radio host that the would bow down to Limbaugh’s lies and hate rather than stand up for reality and civility.

This is a party of cheap cowards, too afraid to stand up for what’s right to lay any claim to having a moral high ground.

This is the party that lets the poor and middle class bear the weight of risks taken by the wealthiest – a moral hazard of an economic policy that is covered for with an utter disregard for law, order, authority, structure, respectability, common decency, policy making and intellectualism.

Republican leaders like Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) need to held accountable for the rotting stench of birtherism and assassination whistles they are standing by with their support for Donald Trump. They don’t get to claim that Trump’s tax policy is worth this level of destruction of our shared values and ideals.

The presidency is not a clown office to be filled with a carnival barking hate-monger just so Republicans can get their way for the wealthiest among us.