Trump Is Having A Full Meltdown As Birtherism Resurfaces To Kill His Campaign

Since his birtherism became a story in the campaign, Donald Trump has gone into full meltdown mode. The Republican nominee has again called for Hillary Clinton to be killed, thrown a tantrum about CNN, and attacked a former Defense Secretary.

Trump continued the meltdown that began when he tried to change shift the subject away from his birtherism by calling for Hillary Clinton to be shot.
For good measure, Trump repeated his claim that Hillary Clinton’s security should disarm on Twitter:

Trump spent Saturday morning attacking former defense secretary Robert Gates over an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal that blistered the GOP nominee:

Trump also doesn’t like the fact that CNN is telling the truth about his birtherism, so he threw a fit in the media’s direction too:

After a few weeks of kind of, sort of, maybe holding it together, Trump has come unglued. The reality is that the only reason why Trump’s poll numbers improved was that Hillary Clinton had a difficult couple of weeks of media coverage. Trump is still the most unpopular nominee in history, and more importantly, he is just as unhinged as ever.

Trump hasn’t changed. He is still the same candidate who at the first sight of things not going his way is prone to falling apart. Republicans could be walking into disaster by sending a man with such a fragile constitution on to one of the biggest pressure in the world.

In nine days, Donald Trump will debate Hillary Clinton, and if the Trump who is in full meltdown mode shows up, Republicans will be in big trouble.