Even Fox News’s Poll Finds Americans Think Trump Is Unqualified For The White House

Even Fox News’s new poll revealed that an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t think that the Republican nominee is qualified to be president.

Overall, the poll shows Clinton with a one-point lead (41%-40%) among likely voters and a four-point lead (41%-37%) among registered voters. Clinton’s lead with registered voters has doubled since the previous Fox News poll.

The “enthusiasm gap” has is now within the poll’s five point margin of error:


The poll looks like a reasonably close election until the question was asked about Trump’s qualifications for the White House:


Donald Trump’s outbursts and behavior are costing him the election. Republicans have tried to chain Trump to a teleprompter. Trump has been using a softer tone of voice as he reads from the teleprompter, but voters continue to see through it all, and a vast majority believe that Donald Trump is unqualified to be president.

Until Friday, the media and pundit class believed that Trump was having a good week. The takeaway from the Fox News poll is that even when Trump has “good week” most voters believe that he is unqualified for the office that he seeking.

What the polling suggests is that beyond the bluster and drama generated by the media, not much has fundamentally changed in the 2016 election. Trump has made zero progress in convincing voters that he is qualified and fit to be the next President Of The United States.

If Trump can’t convince voters that he is qualified to be president, he won’t win in November.