Fox News Is Throwing A Tantrum As The Media Begins To Tell The Truth About Trump

Fox News is nearing full tantrum mode as the media is starting to tell the truth about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Howard Kurtz leveled a series of complaints about the coverage of Trump on Fox News’ On The Record.


Kurtz said, “Well, I’m not in favor of false equivalence. If Donald Trump makes twice as many disputed or controversial comments as Hillary Clinton, we shouldn’t pretend otherwise, but a lot of people in the media, especially on the left, are using this false equivalence pattern to say that we need to kick the stuffing out of Donald Trump, because we in the press have a patriotic duty to expose him.”

Later Kurtz added, “There is a snarkiness and a revulsion at some of what Donald Trump says and does. I am not opposed to aggressive reporting….but there is a difference between that and the kind of the tone that is increasingly creeping into these news stories. The tone…increasingly seems to be anti-Trump.”

When Fox News begins to complain about the media coverage of a candidate, it is an omen that the candidate is sinking. Trump has increasingly, and almost exclusively, been hiding out on Fox News. Fox is playing its traditional role as the television network for the Republican Party.

The reason why Fox News is tantruming about the media coverage of Donald Trump can be seen in the polls. Hillary Clinton has taken back the lead. The brief Trump bump moment appears to have faded.

The media coverage of Trump has changed. The press has started to treat him like a man who could be the next president, instead of a reality TV circus side show. It isn’t that the press is being biased towards Trump, it is that they are finally doing their jobs by vetting him.

Fox News is back to ranting about anti-Republican bias, which means that even they believe that Donald Trump is having a very bad week.